Pregnancy period is the one that the women are the most sensitive. In this period, physical changes take place as well as psychological. The changes in the body give rise to new requirements. The widening abdomen does no longer fit into the normal dresses. The same thing is also valid for the underwear.

As the baby growing inside widens your abdomen and breasts filling with milk become larger, the underwear should also keep in step with this change.

ELIJA now bears his long-term experiences on pregnant dresses to underwear sector. He produces underwear that enables you to conform through this sensitive period with his wide product variety.

ELIJA LINGERIE, the unrivaled in the sector with its product variety on this area which we are unfamiliar with, helps you to keep the form of your body before and after the birth with carrier and supporter banded panties, carrier waist band and corsets that lessens and prevents the back and waist pains that the women endure often throughout their pregnancy period besides the underwear products manufactured completely from natural materials whose precedence is to give you comfort and support. Beside this, the products such as very fashionable sweat suit, tight, nightgown, dressing gown that the pregnant women can wear at home and while sport. The products of the company are sold at elegant pregnant, baby stores and elegant underwear stores besides via wide export potential.